• you can select more than one nationality crew, combining quality with competitiveness under the same manning agency.
  • the commitment from the top towards our clients, our seafarers and the industry, regarding the quality of our service, is based on our knowledge and the wide long experience in shipping industry and human element.”
  • We understand what clients, seafarers and the industry expects and the way to achieve it.
  • We respect shipboard personnel, demonstrating our fellowship, safety and environmental friendly culture in every attendance proving them out we are on board to assist and not to produce a big list of findings
  • We can inspire every vessel Crew coming close to them in order to see our attendance NOT AS ANOTHER AUDIT/INSPECTION but as an opportunity of sharing their concerns and find together solutions for proper management without to add any extra stress
  • we know how we can help to build and monitor safety across shipping.
  • our primary objective is our clients to be properly and effectively served
  • our target is after a training delivery participants to be able to improve their performance 
  • our target is conducting an audit or inspection to be incorporated to ship’s team aiming to smooth cooperation with master, officers and entire crew overcoming the possibility of  human element barrier
  • our target is our audit or inspection to be to the benefit of our client (vessel & crew) with the less possible burden to the vessel, having as priority her schedule and obligations
  • we are ambitious to contribute to our clients SMS improvement
  • we like and enjoy what we do.
  • we are passionate about shipping.

65 Lidras Str., Phaneromeni Building,
1st Floor, Office 11, 1011, Nicosia, CYPRUS

Phone: +357 2231 9888
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Office working days & hours:
M – F 09:00 -18:00 (UTC + 2 hrs winter & +3 hrs summer seasons)