• Ship Manning and Recruitment services (screening – interviews – Computers & other assessments – training and certification update arrangements, documents renewal, visas issuance, travel arrangements etc)
  • Full Filipino Crew manning for any dry cargo vessel and also for LPG, Product and Chemical tankers.
  • Full crew manning with Ukrainian nationality seafarers of any vessel type
  • Full Russian officers including cadets manning of any dry cargo and tanker vessel worldwide & full Russian nationality crew for vessels trading in Russia and/or Baltic and/or Black sea.
  • Full Croatian officers including cadets manning of any vessel type
  • Full Salvadorian & Honduran deck, engine & catering ratings for dry cargo and oil tankers. Also catering & hotel ratings for cruise ships
  • Individually crew assignments
  • The alternative and very dynamic option of very good performance Panamanian and Mexican junior officers and cadets
  • Very good performance and efficiency individually assigned Romanian ETOs (Electro-technical officers) and Fitters
  • Very good performance individually assigned Ukrainian ETOs (Electro-technical officers) and Electronics Engineers.


On Board

  • TMSA 3 Audits
    • Navigation / Bridge team assessment
    • Cargo, Ballast, Tank cleaning operations for any vessel type
    • Bunkering operation
    • Mooring & anchoring operations
    • Environmental and Energy Management
  • Inspections
    • OCIMF SIRE VIQ 7 Pre vetting / Vetting attendance
    • Pre PSC
  • Training
    • Industry topics falling into our expertise (as SHELL initiatives)
    • Tailor made topics depending on client’s needs (provided that they are falling into our expertise)
    • Vetting / commercial inspection seminar
    • PSC inspection seminar
    • Our own (Cosmonav) developed topics such as: “Effective Communication”, “Crew performance Evaluation”, “Motivation, the key factor of crew performance”, “How company’s reputation could be affected from crew behavior” etc


  • TMSA 3 Audits
    • Remote Navigation / VDR Analysis
    • Manning Agencies annual and/or random ones
  • Human Element events
    • Crew Conferences organization
    • Participation in shipping companies crew conferences: “As Facilitators”  – “For Q & A sessions and reports elaboration” – “Workshops preparation” etc
  • Training
    • Industry latest trend specific seminars delivery (falling into our expertise)
    • Tailor made seminars
    • Vetting / Commercial / PSC inspection seminars
    • Training centers delivered courses assessment
    • Training centers infrastructure assessment

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