• Ship Manning and Recruitment services
  • Full crew manning with Ukrainian nationality seafarers of any vessel type
  • Full crew manning with Romanian nationality seafarers of any vessel type
  • Selectively with Georgian, Russian, Croatian, Montenegro, Serbian and Polish officers of any vessel type    
  • Full Salvadorian & Honduran ratings for any ship type including of hotel ratings for cruise ships
  • Greek nationality (Pomakoi of Rodopi province) very efficient ridding teams for various on board jobs such as   
    • Mucking out (cargo, bunker, ballast tanks)   
    • Cargo tanks local cleaning
    • Water/sand blasting
    • Chipping, brushing, touch up
    • General painting (tanks, engine rooms, pump rooms, decks, piping, equipment)
    • Epoxy, zinc and other coating tanks maintenance
    • Assistance in DD preparation
    • General assistance during dry docking
    • Jobs completion after DD
    • Cargo holds cleaning and maintenance (regarding dry ships)  
  • The alternative and very dynamic option of very good performance Panamanian and Mexican junior officers and cadets
  • Individual assignment of Romanian ETOs (Electro-technical officers) and Fitters for any ship type
  • Individual assignment of Ukrainian ETOs (Electro-technical officers), Electronic Engineers and Fitters


On Board

  • Independent third party audits
    • Navigation in real time on passage / Bridge team assessment
    • Cargo, Ballast, Tank preparation operations for any tank vessel type
    • Bunkering operation
    • Mooring & anchoring operations
    • Environmental and Energy Management including or separately OWS (Oil Water Separator)
    • Safety management audit
  • Inspections
    • OCIMF SIRE 2.0 Pre vetting / Vetting attendance
    • Pre PSC
    • Safety inspection of entire vessel focusing on FF and LSA with inclusion of any other related to Safety covering SIRE VIQ 7 relevant chapters  
  • Training
    • Industry topics falling into our expertise (as Maritime Partners in Safety
    • Tailor made topics depending on client’s needs (provided that they are falling into our expertise)
    • Vetting / commercial inspection seminar
    • PSC inspection seminar
    • Our own (Cosmonav) developed topics such as: “Crew Briefing on Performance and Behavioural Issues”, “Effective communication considering shipping peculiarities”, “Crew performance Evaluation”, "How crew behavior may affect company’s business" etc
    • FF on board training which includes familiarization with ship’s permanent and portable FF systems and equipment, drills execution/assessment/debriefing  
  • Assessments
    • Drill execution attendance, crew debriefing/discussion, report elaboration
    • Other operation attendance, debriefing/discussion, report elaboration


  • Remote Independent third party audits
    • Remote Navigation / VDR Analysis
    • Manning Agencies annual and/or random ones
    • Shipping Companies Crew Department annual and/or random audit
  • Human Element events
    • Crew Conferences organization
    • Participation in shipping companies crew conferences: “As Facilitators”  – “For Q & A sessions and reports elaboration” – “Workshops preparation” etc
  • Training
    • Industry latest trend specific seminars delivery (falling into our expertise)
    • Tailor made seminars
    • Vetting / Commercial / PSC inspection seminars
    • Our own (Cosmonav) developed topics such as: “Crew Briefing on Performance and Behavioural Issues”, “Effective communication considering shipping peculiarities”, “Crew performance Evaluation”, “How crew behavior may affect company’s business” etc


Ship Manning & Recruitment 

PTC (Philippine Transmarine Carriers) Holdings Corp.

  • Serving as the exclusive company representatives of PTCH crewing business and other prospective business opportunities within Greece, Cyprus, other approved European region and other territories.

Bright Maritime Services SRL (Romanian Manning Agency located in Constanta)


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