Cosmonav Ltd resources are coming from:

  • Its own pool which includes seafarers mainly from Panama, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and a few adjacent countries of Central America.
  • From its partners which are reputable Manning Agencies which are located in Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Poland, well known worldwide, who provide to Cosmonav, under signed contractual agreement terms and conditions, qualified, as per MLC 2006 requirements, seafarers, mainly from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania.

All seafarers either from our own pool and our partners pool are processed from our own head office which is located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • Regarding our own pool seafarers coming from Central America our head office in Cyprus is assisted for the local process requirements, by our associated offices in Panama, El Salvador and Mexico.
  • Regarding our seafarers coming from Europe region our head office in Cyprus is assisted for the local process requirements, by our partners offices in Ukraine, Romania, Croatia and Poland.


  • Cosmonav for the most appropriate collaboration and in order to secure the most qualified professionals, has signed MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) with Maritime Universities / Institutions with in Panama and Mexico as follows:

Maritime Universities and Institutions

  • UMIP (International Maritime University of Panama), which is located in Panama City Cosmonav hires its graduated Deck, Engine and ETO cadets.
  • FIDENA Nautical Institutions, under the responsibility of which are operated three nautical Institutions, which are located in Mazatlan, Veracruz and Tampico in Mexico, Cosmonav hires their graduated Deck, Engine and ETO (Electro-technical Officers) cadets.


The proposed by Cosmonav partners candidates are screened, interviewed and approved by our end before their proposal to our clients for final approval or not. Our clients (shipping companies) nothing have to do with our partners. The entire proposal responsibility lies with Cosmonav which compensate their partners for provision of potential candidates

Manning Agencies (Cosmonav Ltd collaborates)

  • GLOBTIK Express Agency, which is located in Split, Croatia, providing Croatian, Serbians, Slovenian and Montenegro nationality officers and Cadets.   
  • EUROCREW Ltd, which is located in Odessa, Ukraine, providing Ukrainian, Russian and Georgian nationality seafarers of all ranks.
  • BMS - Bright Maritime Services, which is located in Constanta, Romania, providing Romanian nationality seafarers of all ranks.  

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